Terry A. & Tony A. Collins
Our cattery name comes from our initials,
Established in 2006

Our Cattery is  registered with 
      C.F.A.:The Cat Fanciers Association                C.F.F.: The Cat Fanciers Federation              T.I.C.A.: The International Cat Association

Terry is a member of:
T.I.C.A. (Individual Member)
C.F.F. (Individual Member)
C.F.F.: Breeder member of United Maine Coon Cat Association (U.M.C.C.A.)
Application for membership to U.M.C.C.A

Breeder Member:  Maine Coon Breeders Fanciers Association
This is a very good link to so many wonderful articles and breeders.

We are an H.C.M. testing cattery.
 Echocardiograms since 2008 are  done by
Board Certified Cardiologists.
Our original cats were D.N.A. tested for
H.C.M. and S.M.A.

NCSU-CUM , Dr. Muers (HCM )
UC-Davis genetic testing lab--HCM PKD 
MSU-Dr. John Fyfe (SMA)

Click on above links to get more info on DNA testing
for each specific item.
New additions from other cattereis will be tested as well
periodicaly DNA tests will be done on our offspring that
we keep for our own program.

TAC-N-TAC is  Licensed in our Town and 
State as a Breeding Cattery
Lisc. # F1043
We are located in our home underfoot in West Bath, Maine
No calls after 900 pm  EST ph/fax :207-443-1755

   About Us

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