What the letters before the names mean :
CH - champion
PR - is like Champion shown in a special class just for neutered and spayed cats
GC or GRC - Grand Champion
GPR - is Grand Premier similar to Grand Champion.
DGC Is Double Grand Champion In TICA
TGC Is a Triple Grand Champion in TICA
QGC Is a Quadrouple Grand Chamion in TICA
SGC Is a Supreme Grand Champion in TICA
MST Is a Master Grad Champion in CFF
RW Is a  Regional Winner  
NW Is a National Winner 
IW Is an International Winner
These  Titles are very hard to earn.
Adding an A after any of  CFF or TICA's titles represents an Alter (Spayed or Nuetered cat)
Coongratulations Hajimi 
Show Year 2008-2009
T.I.C.A. ---RW, Tac-N-Tac Hajimi
North East Regions 14th Best Kitten 
32nd Best Maine Coon Kitten International
5th Best Maine Coon Kitten North East Region
C.F.F.,---NW, Tac-N-Tac Hajimi
16th Best Kitten National
Best Maine Coon Kitten National
Show year 2009-2010
C.F.A., CH Tac-N-Tac Hajimi
C.F.F., NW , CH Tac-N-Tac Hajimi   -   21st Best Cat
4th Best Maine Coon cat National
Best Brown Tabby and White Maine Coon
T.I.C.A.   RW, SGC Tac-N-Tac Hajimi
North East Regions  17th Best Cat
33rd Best Maine Coon Cat International
3rd Best Maine Coon Cat North East Region
8th Best Longhair  Cat North East Region
C.F.F.:Show year 2013-2014
3rd Best Cat National
Best Brown Classic Tabby and White Maine Coon
Best Maine Coon Cat
C.F.F.:Show Year 2014-2015
4TH Best Cat National
3rd Best Cat Eastern Region
Best Brown Classic Tabby & White Maine Coon Cat
Color:  Brown Classic Tabby with White
D.O.B.:   09/06/2008
MyBPC3  mutation (1 HCM gene) By Proxy both parents Negative
Last Echo : March 21,2015 
SMA  DNA : By Proxy both parents normal.
FELV/FIV:To be done
Thank you Yosho and Ayeka for your wonderful Son......
A.K.A.: Beginning   (Japanese meaning
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Coongratulations Tenchi 
Show Year 2007-2008
T.I.C.A.,--RW,SGCA Le Beau Minu Tenchi of TacNTac
19th Best Alter Northeast Region
20th Best Maine Coon International
3rd Best Maine Coon Cat North East Region
C.F.F.--NW, GC Alter- Le Beau Minu  Tenchi of Tac-N-Tac
9th Best Alter Nationally 
Best Maine Coon Alter Nationally
Best Red Classic Tabby Alter
C.F.A.---PR Mountview Tenchi of Tac-N-Tac 
Color: Classic Red Tabby
D.O.B.: 07-24-2006
Thank You Carol and Tom 
(Le Beau Minu/Mountview Cattery) for this wonderful boy.  He is every thing you said he would be and more.  As our first Maine Coon he will for ever hold a place very dear to our hearts..
AKA: Heaven and Earth (Japanese meaning)
Tehchi will reside here for many years to come as our first Maine Coon Cat he sets the standard for our program and he personally interviews our new adptive families..We are really pleased with this wonderful boy.

6 years old in this photo
Photo by Axell Photography
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C.F.A.,C.F.F., & T.I.C.A.  Registered

Color: Classic Red Tabby &  White
D.O.B.: 11-19-2014
MyBPC3  DNA test to be done
Last Echo : Feb 26, 2016
SMA  DNA : test to be done

Thank You Carol and Tom Pedley,(Le Beau Minu) for this wonderful boy.  He is every thing you said he would be and more.   His temperment is so sweet with a willing to please attitude. He reminds us so very much of Tenchi when he was a baby. I hope he likes showing (thinking he will) as I look forward to showing him.  His color, personality and pedigree
are a pleasant and welcome addition to our home called cattery. 
AKA: Apricot,Community , village 
     Kyou did not care for the show halls so we elected for him to be able to stay at home and try his luck as a stud when he is ready. 

Le Beau Minu Kyou of Tac-n-tac
At 1 year
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