KITTEN /CATS NAME:              TAC-N-TAC   
BREED:   MAINE COON       DATE OF BIRTH:                     SEX: 
 QUEEN:  .           

1. This kitten/cat is being sold as a pet, the buyer will take into consideration the pain, suffering, and defenselessness caused by declawing. (this is an amputation) Tac-N-Tac Maine Coons recommends a scratching post, trimming of the nails and behavior modification, rather than declawing.

2. Kitten/cat WILL NEVER BE PERMITTED TO ROAM OUTDOORS. Upon  the event Buyer is unable to keep the “Kitten/Cat”, the Breeder has First Right of Refusal.  This Kitten/Cat shall not be given /sold / leased to anyone without the 
express written consent of said Breeder.

3. Kitten/cat will be neutered or spayed by the age of  7 months. This Kitten/cat will
Never be used for breeding or resold, leased or given as breeding stock. This Kitten is to be co-owned with the breeder until this paperwork is received. No breeding rights will be granted other than in writing with notarized signature of the breeder.

4. Any Kitten/cat found to be mistreated or in ill health will be surrendered by Buyer to Seller immediately.  Breeder/Seller shall have access to any/all medical & health records pertaining to this feline upon request. If at any time, said kitten/cat is found to be abused, neglected, or in ill health for any unreasonable period of time, Breeder may retrieve Kitten/Cat from said residence, at NO COST to breeder, and Purchaser SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL LEGAL AND MEDICAL FEES INCURRED.  Buyers Veterinarian will surrender any and all medical information upon written request by Breeder.
Veterinarian Information:_____________________________________________________
Sign Buyer:_______________________________________________________________

HEALTH GUARANTEE: Health Certificate /vaccines, worming’s, microchip # received on a separate sheet.
 (Also part of this contract..)
      Breeders state to the best of their knowledge, at the time of purchase the “Kitten/Cat” is in good health, FeLV/FIV negative, and free of any life threatening illnesses, infections and parasites. With respect to such guarantee, Breeder requires Buyer to have “kitten/Cat” examined by a licensed veterinarian and tested for FeLV and FIV within 3 (three) business days of the contract agreement date. Buyer is required to mail to the Breeders, within 7 (seven) days of the exam date, a detailed report written by a veterinarian describing the kittens health status at the time of the initial exam.    If this “Kitten/Cat” dies an untimely death due to a Genetic or congenital defect (FeLV, FIV, are not genetic and are specifically excluded) within (365) days of purchase date, Buyer and Breeder agree to replace said “Kitten/Cat” of equal value at such time as one becomes available. Breeder will only offer the choice of 2 Kitten/cats to the Buyer to fulfill their replacement obligations. To qualify and receive the replacement “Kitten/Cat”, Buyer must provide Breeders with all medical history reports, a detailed  Necropsy (Autopsy) report and a letter written by a licensed veterinarian stating the exact cause of death including the description of the “Kitten/Cat’s” birth date, name, sex, color , pattern and micro chip number.. The necropsy cost is at the expense of the Buyer. Buyer assumes the responsibility for arrangements and cost to take possession of their replacement “Cat”. Warranties will not be honored if ownership changes.  
      It is not uncommon for a “Kitten/Cat” to develop an Upper Respiratory Infection, diarrhea, teary eyes or sneezing from vaccinations or stress of leaving and entering a new environment. Stress induced illnesses are NOT covered by the health guarantee. Breeders require the Buyer to isolate “Kitten/Cat” from existing pets for at least 7 days, preferably 14-21 days. We, the Breeders are NOT responsible for any veterinarian bills incurred by the Buyer once the Buyer takes possession of this “Kitten/Cat”. All sales are final, NO RETURNS, REFUNDS, OR EXCHANGES except as outlined by the terms of this agreement.
 Observation of “Kitten/Cats” health at time of pick up_____________________________________________
 Breeders Initials: ____________    Buyers Initials: ______________ 

    Laws of the State of Maine applicable to contract to be performed in the State of Maine shall be applicable to this agreement.  If any provisions of the agreement in conflict with the Law of Maine, the provisions of this agreement not in conflict shall continue to bind the parties, and the provisions in conflict shall be modified in accordance with the law. Any disputes that arise from this agreement shall be in the jurisdiction of Sagadahoc County, Maine court.  All legal fees and cost incurred by the Breeders and Buyer shall be the responsibility of the Buyer.  Breeders can not be sued for an amount more than the original purchase price of “Kitten/Cat”.
       Any violation of this contract by the Purchaser, the Purchaser agrees to pay ($2000.00 US Dollars and any and all legal fees incurred up to and including the surrender of said "Kitten/cat" to the breeder.)
Breeder :                                                          Buyer(s):
Contract Date:  _____
Breeders:  Terry &Tony Collins                      Buyer: ________________________________                                             
Address: 303 Hill Road                                   Address:  _____________________________ 
West Bath ME   04530                                    City:     ______________________________
Phone/Fax:   207-443-1755                             Phone: ______________________________
Email:                       Cell:        ______________________________ 
Website:                        Email :  _______________________________ 

The cost of our pet kittens is $800.00 with a spay/ neuter agreement. State of Maine Sales taxes (5.5%)($44.00) are not included in the price.  This Cattery is Leukemia tested, which means that all original cattery cats as well as those brought in for stud service and new cats added to the breeding program will have been tested negative prior to breeding and randomly tested after that.  We also DNA test for HCM and SMA prior to breeding as well as Echocardiogram the heart with a Board certified Cardiologist periodically..  
            Initial Breeder:____________Initial Buyer___________________

​State sales tax increase  from 5.0 % to 5.5% is effective as of October 1, 2013 as per new sales tax laws.
We require a Meet and greet for new kitten /cat owners per USDA (federal law) changes.

Our Contract is going to be changed 
this is a temporary contract.