In the Beginning were some really awesome cats that truely helped to give us our wonderful look of today. 
We are forever greatful to the breeders,for these wonderful cats . 
We wish to honor them here when they retire to their new forever homes.
This is the most difficult part of being a breeder, allowing our friends to go to their new lives.
We also wish to thank their new owners for giving them wonderful loving forever homes.
Thank You so very much. 


Coongratulations Yuki
Show Year 2008-2009
 C.F.F.---NW, CH Le Beau Minu Yuki of Tac-N-Tac
20th Best Albreed Cat
Best Blue Tabby Maine Coon
T.I.C.A. --CH  Le Beau Minu Yuki of Tac-N-Tac
                     3rd Best Blue Classic Tabby Maine Coon
C.F.A.--CH Le Beau Minu Yuki of Tac-N-Tac
Color: Blue Classic Tabby 
D.O.B.: 03-28-2008
      Yuki was such a pleasure to have owned and loved. We retired him in 2011 as he was not happy as a stud kitty. He would rather be in your lap watching tv or playing with interactive toys than be cooped up as a stud. He just looks so happy, being able to bird watch from any room in his new home in Arizona. His favorite pastime is chasing the road runners from window to window.
AKA: Lucky (Japanese meaning)    Click here for Pedigree: 
Retired and living in Arizona as king of his castle.
Thanksgiving 2011
CFA, CFF, TICA CH Cabincoon Yosho of Tac-n-tac  DOB: 07-07-2006
Special Thanks to Gene and Gigi Haag (Cabincoon ) for this wonderful young man. We retired Him early so he could enjoy the quality of life that true pets deserve. hanging out with their family and being cuddled by their people at his will. He was and is a wonderful boy. Always into something (typical Yoyo)
Loving being retired with his new family in Massachussetts. They keep him propperly he was and is the proverbial clown.  
OK theres no chicken in here, I could have sworn you put those freeze dried treats in here. Are they in that cabinet over there ? 

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Rumi was sold as a kitten all house trained and returned with some very bad litter box habits. She loved to leave presents in the bath tub "which is unacceptable to us". We tried for 2 years to break  her of this with no success, We had several tests done to ensure it was not a physical thing where we were missing something medically. all of the tests we did were normal. 
We finally came to the conclusion she needed something more than we could offer. 
We finally found a wonderful home for Rumi in Massachussetts with a horse breeder that has  a wonderful heated tack room for Rumi to reside.  Rumi is such a loving cat and now I hear an excellant (play huntress) kills the mouse and bird has no clue what to do with them afterwards so she leaves them where Mom can find her trophies. 
She enjoys being groomed and made of, I am so happy she has finally found her place , with love, afffection and free range pooping. she actually likes the indoor out door life. Thank God your new home is in the country on a very long private road. We will be posting new photo soon of the mighty Rumi.

2009-2010 SHOW SEASON
C.F.A.,& T.I.C.A.
CH  Petteycats Hinode of Tac-N-Tac
C.F.F., CH Petteycats Hinode of Tac-N-Tac
Best Brown Patch Torbie & White Maine Coon Cat
Brown Patch Torbie with White
D.O.B. :  08/01/2008
MyBPC3  mutation (1 HCM gene)  Negative
Last Echo: April 2, 2011 HCM Normal
SMA  DNA: Normal
FELV/FIV/HRTWRM:April 1,2009/Negative
Thank you Cathy ,  (Petteycats  Cattery) 
For this well balanced young lady  She is all that  you said she would be and more. 
Her purrsonality shines through her every move.  She is so friendly and outgoing...
A.K.A. : Sunrise(Japanese meaning)
Hinode' is now retired . Living in MA with SB
Click here for Pedigree:  

Photo: Terrys Treasures
@ 6 months of age
Photo: Barry Hayes @ 4months of age
Photo P.T, Temple  
​Ryuu is now retired and lives with his Mom in MA with SB​
  SHOW YEAR 2010- 2011
CFF'S 4th Best Allbreed Kitten Best Maine Coon Kitten
SHOW YEAR 2011-2012
Color: Red Classic Tabby with White
D.O.B.: 09/19/2010
MyBPC3 mutation (1 HCM gene) By Proxy both parents Negative
Last Echo : April 6,2013
SMA DNA : By Proxy both parents normal.
FELV/FIV: To be done 
Co-Owned with Peggy Vivinetto of Maggie Lane Maine Coon Cats
Peggy selected the name for this wonderful Son of her 
Maggie Lane Felix the Cat and Our Petteycats Hinode of Tac-n-tac.  
Thank you Peggy for letting us use Felix and co-owning Ryuu with us.

  2007-2008 show season
Now living with Hime' and B&P in Vermont​
C.F.F. CH Le Beau Minu Ayeka of Tac-N-Tac 

T.I.C.A. & C.F.A. 

Le Beau Minu Ayeka of Tac-N-Tac
Silver Classic Tabby
D.O.B. : 06/02/2007
MyBPC3 mutation (1 HCM gene),Negative
Last Echo: April 7, 2012
SMA DNA: Normal 
FELV/FIV:July 3,2008/ Negative
Thank You Carol and Tom (Le Beau Minu/Mountview Cattery) for this sweet young lady. She is a wonderful 
addition to our home we call a cattery.  
A.K.A.: Delicate (Japanese meaning )
Click here for Pedigree
Coongratulations Akiko!
Show year 2010-2011
C.F.F. 23 Best Allbreed kitten.
Show year 2011-2012

 T.I.C.A. Registered
Color:  Brown Patch Tabby
D.O.B.:   09/19/2010
MyBPC3  mutation (1 HCM gene)  Negative
Last Echo : April 7, 2012
SMA  DNA : By Proxy both parents normal.
FELV/FIV: Normal/negative 
Co-Owned with Peggy Vivinetto of Maggie Lane Maine Coon Cats

Peggy selected the name for this wonderful Daughter of
Her : Maggie Lane Felix the Cat  with 
Our : Petteycats Hinode of Tac-n-tac.  

Thank you Peggy for letting us use Felix  and co-owning Akiko with us..She and Ryuu  are both quite interested in any thing that moves....I look forward to showing both Akiko and Ryuu.

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Akiko is now officially retired she was spayed Feb 25,2015

2013-2014 SHOW SEASON
14th Best Kitten National

Color : Red Mackerel Tabby and White Harlequin (Van)

DOB: February 25,2013
MyBPC3  mutation (1 HCM gene)  Negative
Last Echo : January 16,2015
SMA  DNA : By Proxy both parents are Normal
FELV/FIV: Normal/negative March 2014

Little kitty Fuu as she is called around here has attended her first show as a kitten she was very well mannered and loved all of the extra play time with those special chicken treats.

Fuu Kitty  was never bred and is living a life of leisure in Maine with her new family. 

Click here for her Pedigree

Croissant is now neutered living the life of a retired King in his new pet home.
"De L`ile Des Lionnes French Croissant"

C.F.F., C.F.A., AND TICA Registered.
French Criossant of Tac-n-tac
Loof Registry
 L`ile Des Lionnes French Croissant of Tac-N-Tac
Color: Cameo/ Red Silver
D.O.B.: 05/11/2010
MyBPC3 mutation (1 HCM gene) By Proxy both parents Negative
Last Echo : March 21,2015
SMA DNA : Both Parents Normal (Neg by proxy)
FELV/FIV: Neg/ Neg 
HD : Both Parents Normal 
A very special thank you to Agnes Criado( L`ile Des Lionnes)
for personally carrying this delightful kitten to us from Arles France. We are so pleased with the purrsonality, color and type of this young man. He is registered in The French LOOF,CFA,CFF and TICA. We are most excited about the genetic diversity this young man will contribute to our bloodlines. Thank you again Agnes
for entrusting us with this wonderful baby.

Croissant at 4 years 10 months..

​For Pedigree click here

Kenshi at 6 months old.. 
Click here for Pedigree:
​Currently living life as an amazing neutered pet with his mother Abby Lee.

"The Swordsman"
C.F.A., AND T.I.C.A. Registered
C.F.F.:Show Year 2014-2015
5TH Best Kitten National
3rd Best Kitten Eastern Region
Best Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat

Color: Black Smoke
D.O.B.: 08/03/2014
MyBPC3 mutation (1 HCM gene) By Proxy both parents Negative
Last Echo : Feb. 26,2016
SMA DNA : By Proxy both parents normal.
FELV/FIV:To be done
Thank you French Croissant and Abby Lee for your w
onderful Son......Wonderful rich full coat, with a white undercoat. Always alert looking for that next play session. 
A.K.A.: The Swordsman (Japanese meaning)